Wireless Broadband from Metro

Metro Access Network is a provider of wireless broadband services. Our state of the art wireless network means faster downloads, easier internet access and a reliable network service.

Change is in the here....

Metro is the only wireless internet provider that offers both high-speed business-grade fixed wireless Broadband services and high speed mobile wireless Broadband services.

METRO provides:

• Fast and reliable Broadband internet access
• A substitute to the physical constraints of fibre optic cabling
• A substitute to the speed limitations of ADSL and SHDSL services by delivering speeds of up to   1000Mbps
• Flexible services that can be installed or upgraded within days
• Mobile access

Metro is here to facilitate your business internet connectivity requirements quickly, efficiently and cost effectively- with the added flexibility to change your access requirements at a moments notice.

Flexibility: That's the Metro difference.


Business Fixed Wireless

• Fixed wireless broadband
• 2 100Mbps speeds
• Flexibility to suit your business    needs

Residential Fixed Wireless

• Higher speed Internet services than    GSM providers or dial up services
• Affordable price plans
• No excess data charges

Mobile Wireless

• Unwired services
• Abuja & Lagos coverage
• Flexible usage plans